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Melbourne’s Leading Provider of Homecare & Aged Care Services

Sequel Home Based Care develops Elderly Care programs tailored to meet the individual needs of people who are aged or frail, allowing them to remain in the comfort and security of their own home.

Services provided under these programs include: Personal Care, Home Care, Respite Care and a number of other services designed to assist with all aspects of daily living.
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Disability & Depression

Dementia Care – a Personal Care… [Read More...]

Much is written about dementia, including the impact it has on the supporting family and friends. The reason for this is that the care of dementia suffers is left to family members with support from personal care agencies that provide staff with qualifications in both personal care and dementia care.   As Australia’s population ages there […]

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Dementia Care – a Personal Care… [Read More...]

There are a large number of articles that address the topic of dementia. Many of these articles are based on research, mostly authored by academics and clinical experts; others are reflections of the personal experiences of family members.  The reality of dementia care is that much of the care of dementia suffers is left to […]

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Sequel Home Based Care providing assistance through a personal care assistant so your home can remain the best residential homecare facility or domiciliary care available to you... [Read More...]